Of Mee Kolok, Laksa & Friends

- IPG Teknik, Kuala Lumpur [fulfilled]: 05/05/2012 
I have been looking forward to sink my teeth onto all things edible. And on my long list of must-trys, Sarawakian delicacy is probably the most desirable to me. Thank God last night, I did gobble two of them (which, you will see as you read through). Thanks to Amer and Arif Rahani; they were the one who invited me (and Razvi) to the function. 
Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you: it was a dinner for Sarawakians, kind of a reunion I think. Being a Sabahan, I don't think that Razvi and I were the only chameleons. You can tell one as a Sabahan just by their slang. To those Sabahans who didn't have the chance to try 'mee kolok' and Sarawakian 'laksa', I'd want to say: what a poor life you had. XD AHAHAHAHA

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