Talking Universally 

-IPG Teknik, Kuala Lumpur [smiling]. 01/04/2012 
Ah, lets move on to something else rather than lengthy conversation about life. How about stars? (chuckles) Do you like star-gazing?  Well, this guy over here is one heck of a lunatic fan. Among the list of my ambitions, astronomer is almost on top. I love the stars as they light up the sky. I feel so divinely fulfilled (in a sense that, "Hey, angels could be up there, somewhere"). I really did enjoy my time in the Planetarium during 'Earth Hour'. 
Being one observant guy, I always look every second on this world I'm living as the moment I shouldn't forget. All is Kodak moment.  
And I still could remember well, when I was kid, my father always brought our whole family and my sweet, wise grandma to somewhere far using his pick-up. Whenever he told me to sit in the passenger seat, I furiously insisted to sit in the bedliner with my grandma. And it got even better when we were travelling at night. I'd lay down on my grandma's lap and looked deep into the Universe, crossing my arms, just to keep the night breeze's coldness at bay. 
The sky wasn't so polluted, back then, so I could clearly see stars dancing in between the slowly moving, greenish clouds. Whilst on that, my grandma would caress me and my sister's heads, telling us about all life's goodness and her own good old time. We asked so many things, and she with her undying beautiful smile answered all of them. Correctly (well, that's what I thought as a boy).
When It comes to preference, it's unbelievably unfathomable for me: why do people choose man-made light over Nature? Nature has it all; the beauty, the tranquillity and that sense of offering oneself to God. Why do we have to contend Nature? 
I hope that someday, humans will change this scenario. To be more grateful with what God has Bestowed us. Like what Gradient Lok; a Malaysian, professional astro-photographer said, "Let the moon be our light pollution. Let the stars be our only road lamps." He put it nicely into words.
I shiver whenever I think about my generation. Would they have the chance to see stars as much as we can, today? 
And that question remains. Haunting me as one concerned cosmopolitan... ..[saddened, paused]. Now come the sad part...
...guys, seriously...
...we are the vicegerents of this whole Universe. God says it in Qur'an, Surahtul Baqara...
Apart from pollution, did we contribute anything to this responsibility? A spark of hope, perhaps?
... do understand that we shouldn't just be loving ourselves. We should be loving the world we're living in.
I hope humanity will understand my point, somehow...

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