Not Even An Ounce...

 - IPG Teknik, Kuala Lumpur [healthy; pink of health] 21/04/2012 
Life. Campus life comes once and yet I have had enough, already. The people who encircle me, and those who'd prefer my absence far more than anything else really have sickened me now. Yeah, I profess that I'm not as good looking and as kind as you. You are everyone's angel. Who the hell care, then? 
This message is directed to those who think themselves as being perfectly perfect, and to those to always find it comfortable to categorize me into their persona non grata list: guys, I don't give a shit. Not even an ounce of my faeces. So run along, now.


Nemesis said...

Let me tell you something, you're good looking indeed and have a kind heart. Nobody's perfect. Only Allah is perfect :)

*najaah* said...

so you got problems with people huh. don't give a damn to them, don't be affected. we are not born to impress people. we are here to impress Allah, only HIM. just let them be ;)

Sven Medyona said...

Nemesis: That calmed me a bit. Thanks, sister. Will try to be myself.

I don't need appreciation just a recognition of my existence. I have dignity. Some people perhaps are too dumb to understand that *sorry for swear words. Hatred got me*

Najaah: With a particular person. I don't know how to tell this to him, but his acts sometimes are too devilish to be accepted. Yes, I'm poor and will never beat his fortune.

I can't seem to wash away that feeling of being inferior, whenever we mingle with my other friends.

He's good at finding chance for him to insult me. And I-most of the time-am defenceless, because his words are true.I am poor.

Ugh. Sorry for the extremely long comment.