Being Visitors-II

- IPG Teknik, Kuala Lumpur [sadness - lost file]. 18/04/2012 
Yesterday, the whole Science class went out for a trip to two food factories, that are; AJINOMOTO Inc and Yakult factory. I'm not really into explaining all the details, so, lets just hope that my fingers are hard-working enough to do the typing. 
In the AJINOMOTO factory, we were brought to a briefing hall, heard (not listened, heard) and were taken to an infoseum. Infoseum is a place where all things that regard company's information are exhibited. Now I know a little about AJINOMOTO, thanks to Encik Azmi: our guide. He was a hilarious and knowledgeable man. After doing the short tour to the infoseum, Razvi and Hetty were chosen to cook something. They didn't disappoint the judge (my stomach, that is), as they managed to pull themselves into two fine cutlery masters. As for Razvi, his skills are indisputable. 
In the Yakult factory, we were greeted by a sister with a vogue veil and dress (I'm a meticulous fashion observer). She was just as funny as Encik Azmi, but in a more intellectual way. She explained to us all thoroughly about Yakult's content, its history and benefits. Oh so informative. I don't have a single picture there. Satio was cringing for a recharge at that time, if you know what I mean. So, directly to picturesque (don't forget to read the caption. Just put your cursor on the pictures). 

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