Novels Are Opium

-IPG Teknik, Kuala Lumpur [hungry,but penniless]. 8/4/2012
Yesterday my pals and I were gone to a popular book store named Popular Bookstore, located somewhere in Petaling Street garrison. We went there to do some shopping, and it wasn't just like any other shopping spree. We had got our government's vouchers in our hands, handed in to us about a week ago and I have got to say that yesterday was a day well spent (+1 vote for Government). But one bad thing happened, which I won't bother to tell, more than you won't listen. Anyway, the voucher looks like this:
I bought a few things which I thought I could only dreamt of. Novels of the highest degree. 'Tom Sawyer', 'Oliver Twist' and '20,000 Leagues Under The Sea' are them. I'm planning to buy more of these. I missed 'Frankenstein', 'Dracula', 'Sense and Sensible', 'Emma' and many more. To tell you the truth; novels are my wives. They'd calm me down when I have got nothing to do and am infuriated with life. Novels are only for forever alone guy, they said. Well, they might be true. But at least I have something I can love and touch freely without having the feeling of guilt.
One more thing; novels aren't like women. Women, they all are complicated and always going through changes every now and then. You can't really define what's good for them. As for novels, they don't need me, instead, I am the one who needs them. So for the time being, since no one's needing me, I'll be going to have honey moon with these pages after pages of stories. Curling up with Mark Twain's, Charles Dickens' and Jules Verne's bestsellers (gosh, I've been dreaming to have these of my own for like five years!). And now, I'm undecided.
...maybe I'll start with this one =)

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