- IP Teknik [indiscriminately jailed], Kuala Lumpur. 19/03/2012 
Hypothesis confirmed. I will never do well in presentation when Power Point used. I hate to be celled in a room where thought could go nowhere to abstraction. I love freedom, as much as I like myself to not being limited to certain ideas. Moments before my name was called to present my speech, I ran to the toilet, sitting in the booth like fool and prayed. I said to myself, "Talk like a blogger".
Anyway, I don't like to reminisce that horrible, horrible incident. I want to introduce to you guys Tawau; the best eastern town in Malaysia. Not for its rich flora and fauna, and neither because of its community complexity which  often elicits wonder among Western tourists. But because of its citizens' liberal way in accepting each other, without sacrificing their own values and beliefs. I love this land. Though it's scorching in the afternoon and damn cold at night, Tawau is still the most liveable place there is (biased, I know).
That's all about Tawau. And if you're interested of being one of its always smiling citizens, you can always do that whenever you want. You can just migrate there, make life on its beautiful, fertile land. Or marry me; you'll automatically be one. Huha, kidding. Thank you.

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