SBE: On Our Way To (ii)

- Jalan Bunga Raya, Tenom. 3/3/2012 
Beforehand, I'd like to say sorry. I can't write as much as I could/were in hostel. The time ... it's limited. I might not also have enough time to fill my other blog. Uhm, I need to hurry.
There were festivals along the road. Most were cultural, some looked like wedding ceremonies.
Aizat's uncle, whom is also Aizat's mother's youngest brother. They call him Pak Cik Didi. He's a very nice man. From Aizat, I learned that he's a 'just-married' man. He drove fast, though. Thanks uncle (will never be sure that he'll read this).
Along the road, I saw beauties. Alas, Sabah told her story~
Dropped by at a wedding ceremony. I couldn't see the couple well. The foods were simple but delicious. I like the beef; the way they sliced and cooked it in thick ketchup gravy. Gosh, I shouldn't be commenting the delicacies. Oh, I almost forgot: it's Aizat's relative somehow, somehow's wedding.
After doing prayer in jam'ah (I respect the way this family maintain their religious practices), we went to Sipitang's wet market (is there such name?). They bought a few kilos of fishes and cuttlefish. I was a mere observer. I observed humans' actions, reactions and interactions among one another. Bargaining, warding off flies- suddenly, Tawau tuned into my immediate reminiscent.
This reminded me of Pasar Gantung Tawau. Except, it's a whole lot bigger (sorry Sipitangese)(Sven, stop making non-existing words).
(mind the foot) 
Though  vagrants and poor, they seem to live happily =')
Another typical me. Sorry, can't help it.
My area of photography is often, controversial. Well, I actually I have no specification in taking photos, for that'd invite lifelessness. I prefer to keep it enlivened yet not too merry. Dr T. J. Ngoh said, "Just nice..."
A treat from Aizat's grandma. I began to love this family =3=
As I turned around, I saw beauty. This is the exact place we enjoyed the ABC (kind of an assorted beverage).
Just a few tens of kilometres more. Hahaha. I slept, then awakened. I fell to a nap again, then my head bumped with the car's window: awakened. Not sure if they witnessed that shameful incident, but hell I was embarrassed.
He who brought me here. Next: Zudien's place (if he's willing. I'm a bad boy, you see. You can't simply control me).

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