SBE: Note of 'It'

- SK St Anthony Tenom [SBE mode engaged], Sabah. 9:10AM, 6/3/2012 
Each and everyone of us has something special. Believe it or not, we're more than meets the eye We're more unique than we thought we were. It's just that sometimes- I mean, most of the times-we look that petite uniqueness as being oddly misplaced. We whined. We screamed.Deep in our heart, we beg God to erase that "disability". And at the very end of the road, we become normal again, after many attempts to foil that "it" and a success in the end.
Look deep into you. Contemplate. Reflect and prospect things that you could achieve (or should have achieved) with "it". Please, don't make that "it" to perish in your vigorous struggle to be normal. Use it for good, hone it and never, ever forget that no matter how hard you try to deny it, that small dot of positive peculiarity will always be yours. A part of you. Well then, you couldn't easily erase a proportion of you, could you? 
The first time I stepped into my college's compound, there was this instant rock that befell me. On it, carved; "No turning back!" Hell yeah, it's irreversible. And so as the rock, the responsibility and oaths that I had promised to carry on are darn hard. I began to get distressed;pushed peripherally to the bank of letting go (this duty).I was killed multiple times, most were because I had no time to rebuild myself. I was too lazy to stand up and brandishing wisdom- to fight (I had no reason to!). Defeated, I was.
It turned out that one day, I tried writing as my stress reliever (I was merely jotting down matters arbitrarily). Whenever I got scolded, or intoxicated into sleepiness by my lecturers' sweet voices, I wrote. I wrote almost all sorts of things; from yesterday's homework planning to list of debts I had yet to pay, to my future strategies of being teacher. I did the same in hostel, not letting the academic stress  to bound my movement. It helped!
Since, I had decided that this is my "it". People looked at me annoyingly though, for some things that I wrote in blog hurt them. I have deep enmity with many people now, here and there. But then, hey! Look who's the bad guy now? XD *grinning like clown LOWL*
Writing as my "it" is the best decision I have ever made. Not just it taught me to be expressive, it also brought meaning to my life. My intention is to spread good words as much and as far as I could. And it has turned into obsession.Thank God!
Well, that's my "it".What's yours?

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