- IPG Teknik Kuala Lumpur [still trying to tackle tactlessness]. 22/03/2012 
I really feel heaved off the edgy feeling. Now that our bond remains intact, I can finally settle down on my mattress, curling warmly with my precious heating shit sheet after having a good mug of coffee. Assignments are many, and many more are on their ways towards me. Sorry, but glory can wait and so does us who have been waiting for this syllabus to be finished.
 To my friend, you asked me about my perfect buddy, right? Well, I had about a dozen in my former school and had lost connection with them these recent. All I have now is a new set of BFF; consists of about a dozen news. And one guy, in common. This guy ... ahahahahaha. Even his face makes me happy. As I cross his room whenever I'm intending surau, I'd knock his door. I want him and myself live happily ever after in the Heaven (of course with families, relatives, so on).

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