- Tenom [evening. Sorrowful evening], 4/3/2012 
I came from a plain dead and simply: poor family. Yes, I am. Whenever I told this to someone, he or she'll refuse to believe it. In fact they believe more if I say I'm a gay rather than that of which I've just mentioned. Seriously.  
The [dis]belief which hitherto have turned into an orthodox opinion about me, accepted anonymously by all is getting cancerous. So allow me to make a kind of reconciliation between they claim and my present stature. Read the first two earliest sentences and believe. And behold!
Even though I'm satisfied with my own latent resolution, I couldn't fight two queries of mine which constantly pulsating every now and then.The first is, "Is it so dishonourable to be poor?" and also, "Is it so important to be rich?" 
I don't know. I just can't deliver the right word(s) to answer these.

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