- Tawau (a few good hours before lift off), 17/03/2012 
This is the thing I want you to see. A simple flyer? No. It's a special flyer which features a man of my admiration: one of Malaysia's biggest Islamic clerics and politicians. He was planned to give a talk in Tawau and at the very same time, I had planned my flight to Kota Kinabalu. So, I missed the talk and that's so sad. We have nothing in common but being Muslims and Sunni and not politically bonded to Islamic understanding. I really want to see him, kiss his hand and say something. I guess, I'll have to be more careful in planning. Trying not to miss such wonderful man.
I really feel proud, though. There were no police intervention during the talk, nor any kinds of demonstration against the talk. In fact the poster was spread in front of our district mosque, letting all people to be lured and joined it. I love Tawauians and their undeterred liberalism. This is what makes Tawau so special. Political difference isn't an obstacle for them to sit together, knees to knees and listening to one of the heads of the Opposition's speech.

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