SBE: Pedagogy On Orland

"What's your name?"


"What do you want to be when you're grown up?"

"A fire fighter."

"Ooh. Then, I want you to promise me one thing." 

*showing pinky finger*

"What promise??"

"Promise that, when I came here as an old man, I'll see you in your fire fighter's suit."



*he gazed at my finger and smiled*

*he took his pinky finger and clung it to mine*

"When your house in on fire, I'll extinguish  the fire!"

*he acted like a man holding that fire water hose, while pointing it high to the ceiling*

"Orland... want a hug?"

*he smiled shyly, but didn't decline my offer*

*pulled him into my embrace*


That hug lasted long. I know that deep inside, he's ready.When you have aim and vivid ambition, you're ready to take on everything.


*_* said...

ahhh~ nice one brother~ i wish that lil guy will grow up well :)

Sven Medyona said...

Just doing my job. I bet he will :)