SBE: The Case of Beckley

- SK Saint Anthony Tenom [exhilarated], Sabah. 8/3/2012 
Beckley is one of the students whose attitude managed to catch my eyes. First time I saw him, I really thought that he's a kind of boy who would sit quietly on his chair, all day long. Just like how people put it: "Never judge a book by its cover", he sure is one naughty boy. I can't control his hyperactivity. His body is super-energetic, as if it's filled with incessant chakra (if you watch Naruto, you'll understand). 
He jumped and hid, and sprinted from one end to the other end of the class. It's so hard to have him under our control, not until I took out Satio (poor Satio). I sat on his chair, and asked him to sit on my lap. Glaring at Satio, he quietened and began to fumble it. 
He was so amazed with how the interfaces interchanged as he slid his minute finger on the screen. I said to him earlier then, "Study hard, and you'll get this". He didn't respond according to what I had anticipated, but his shining eyes did.

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