SBE: Tenom Is ...

- Tenom [fresh], Sabah. 08:10AM, 5/3/2012 
Okay, let us start this entry by reading this which I typed and drafted in my Sation in our way to SK Saint Anthony. Mind you, privacy WAS being talked in this intra-personal mumbling, so it is an exception for my previous post's intention. 
"I'm literally shaken. I can't breather well, and that usual, peculiar smell of doom comes creeping in. I'm suffocating. Drown. Sinking deeper and deeper into my own unsecured premonition. Anything can happen there. Including the not so good (bad) ones."
I really want you guys to meet Tenom. She's beautiful, tranquil and calm. As calm as its Padas River, even more. If there's a place in Sabah that deserves to be called heaven, it's Tenom. Traffics are creeping fast and smooth, pedestrians are smiling broadly. There is no lacking (so far, based on what I have observed) about this district. A sanctuary for lost souls, as its natural radiance constantly reminds you about Creator. 
This is my simplest explanation of Tenom. Come here and experience its unique, mystical atmosphere first hand.

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