Sports Day (ii)

- IPG Teknik's field, 1/3/2012 
Due to popular demand, I forced myself to post another entry about our sports day, which was held earlier. So yeah. Do look, and read. And if possible, learn something, if God wills.
The day was like a normal day; sun rose arose from the East, and familiar coldness. We were asked to come down to the field as early as 7.00AM. The funny thing was, the anticipated VVIP and VIPs were expected to arrive at around 10.00AM. We waited for more than half an hour (I forgot to mention this: I took part in the march. I didn't contribute anything, so by participating the most hated part of the sports day, it might neutralize that guilty feeling).
Temenggung. They did it. They won marching competition and beat the rest. Well, they deserve it. Everyone deserves what they're fighting for. The more you fight, the more gain you'd get. Congratulation guys, but remember; 2013 is around the corner (WTH around the corner!? We're still stuck in March!).
Our commandant. He was good and has the gut to step in front and be our leader. He's a junior, but I have no problem in being under junior's dictatorship. The only thing that I care about is my gain?
The balloon symbolizes the spirit of sport which our college had been keeping for so long as a tradition. Floating up and high, it radiated a pure sense of patriotism. Yeah, rhetorical, I know it.

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