Sports Day

-IPG Teknik's field, 1/3/2012 
A beautiful day in IPG Teknik. 
When I opened this blog, I noticed that there were quite a number of online readers. I presume that they were anticipated to know about the whole sports day events I'll explain it simply, so less probability for grammatical errors to happen. I'm a sucker in using English, you see. Read back all the previous posts; you'll see it.
It was a little disappointing for me, personally. Aside of cheer leading, our group didn't get anything. Bah! Guess who should be blamed... (well, none! We'd done our best, and we have to accept the result, no matter what it is). 
...was quite bored in the middle of the game. So, I did what I do. Weird-angle photography.
...some were still struggling to finish their uncompleted works. In the midst of the sport fiesta, an opportunist can live cosily. I'm not one, so you won't be seeing me doing works whilst others are celebrating something.
Zudien and his marching band. They looked cute in that attire plus the accessories. That's all, folks!

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