- our "beautiful" field IPG Teknik, 29/02/2012 
In Islam, there is a noun which its semantic contains all world's/life's meaning: trust. Sami Yusuf said in his melodious song 'Laa Ilaha Ilallah', we're but trustees of Allah. Dr Mohammad Jenkins, founder of Khalifah Youth Centre in the other hand said, we're Allah's representatives, sent to govern the world using His guidance. 
Whatever it is, to accomplish this mission, we should start from those littlest things. Like when some ask you to enjoin yourself in your marching team, and you nod to it; you should do it, full-heartedly. The fall of ummah happens when we take things nonchalantly. Everything's essential, man. People of other religions are looking at you and interpret your religion as being so and so, based on your act.
It's such a disheartening act of betrayal  to your religion and integrity. It's a no biggie thing, but the consequence may echo. You will be getting used to it, and that'll be a heck of disasters for the student you''' be teaching.

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