Trustees (ii)

- our 'beloved' field, IPG Teknik, 28/02/2012 
When you're alone on your mattress, in the darkness as lullabies didn't work; have you ever thought the whole idea of your existence? It looks so delusional, isn't it? I mean, we were born with nothing, live for something and will finally end up the same as we originally were; weak, dead and poor.  
"Life isn't just about living, and eating, and sleeping and getting married..." 
-Dr Muszaphar Shukor, Malaysian first ISS tourist

- IPG Teknik, 28/02/2012
The whole of my existence, I couldn't just accept the fact that I am nothing. No, it's not egoism that stated that, but mere self-consciousness. I feel I worth more, and have responsibility that needs to be taken care of. Mountains, seas and skies were all afraid to shoulder the trust, but somehow the timid us accepted the challenge. Our forefather. It's a battle until the Heaven's door.

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