Gosh. It's been like a month after this blog's establishment and I never talked about Tawau even once? Jeez, this is so embarrassing. 
Okay, never mind. I'll tell you a bit about it here, just a light explanation and you'll Google it later.


Tawau is a tranquil district which is located at the Southeast part of Sabah. It seats at the very border between Malaysia and Indonesia, 
and was established by merchants (I think so). Its main economical drives are woods, maritime activities, crafts and raw sources.
Tawau is known for its beautiful forest reservations (like Maliau Masin, Gua Madai) and a long stretch of seaside near its epicentre 
where people for near and far would come to experience that classical sight of traditional boats sailing in the sunset. 


And this picture, ladies and gentlemen was taken during my holiday which was about a month ago. Nice, eh?

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