God Is Allah, Allah Is God

O Allah, I love You. I love you veeeeeeeeeeeeery much! I don't really know how to express it, but seemingly O my Mighty Saviour, 
even my indefinite appreciation wouldn't fit the amount of love You pour upon me.

O Allah, my Best-est Friend, I also couldn't imagine how's my life going to be without serving and missing You. 
It's like these incompletenesses are the condition towards my life's fulfilment. And I'm sorry because I couldn't be as good 
as any others of Your Servants. 

Nevertheless, I will always hope that we'll be meeting in the Heaven. 
I want to sit near the Rasoolullah PBUH, watching Your Splendour...


Some ask my religion, for I used to use 'God' and not 'Allah' as referential to God. What's the difference?
Allah and God is the same Personnel. 
The Warmth, Just, Generous and Wonderful God.