Discreet Evil (iii)

-near Velodrome, Kuala Lumpur, 23/02/2012
I was hoping that someone- no, everyone- will tread on you, and trample you until you're suffocating and die. I want to hear your skull cracks and I want to see your brain splatters all over the place. Then, I'll gouge your eyes out, and throw them to my German Shepherd. Oh how he loves fresh, human eyes. Your body? I'll just dump it like how I dumped that old woman who screamed at me in front of everybody. Your mom, remember? No? Hey! You're the one who helped me to de-skin and de-bone her~
This the only  punishment you deserve. For a traitor of love like you, actually you don't even deserve that punishment. You're far lower being. Subhuman. Now, don't thank me for the liberalized act, thank God. He was the one whom opened my heart to do a little bit of compassion to you. Had not God do that, I surely have ripped you apart using my bare hands. 
[ATTENTION: 'Discreet Evil' series are fictional. None was hurt during its capitulation. Except...]

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