Yesterday, I had my best Prophetic talk ever. The theme was, 'What If He Is Here?', delivered by Ustaz Ahmad Abdul Rahman. By 'he', it means Rasulullah SAW. God, I couldn't think of any greater person than him. I didn't write notes, as I was too fascinated by the speaker.  
He's quite a celebrity on TV9 as he hosts and panellizes some programmes there. The way he delivered his speech made me speechless. At first, I can't hear but the crowd; talking about everything and anything in life as if there is no tomorrow. Then slowly, Ustaz Ahmad managed to take control of the hall. Glorified Allah! Hope to hear his speech again.
I will try my best to preserve, defend and practice the Prophet's Sunnah. It's had, considering that those traditions which he left us with look and sound outdated and do not meet with the global trend. So, it's a tough road for me, and for all Muslims. But I shouldn't give up, just like how the Prophet refused to give up in his da'wah. Hitherto, my death.

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