Discreet Evil (ii)

-IPG Teknik, 19/02/2012 
Works are mountains high. I try to not be too stressful, as stress will cause even greater havoc. I get my job done when my heart says so. Stress will kill you slowly, so take a few deep breaths and by then you'll enjoy the whole course of getting something finished. Tonight, it's just that...
-Tesco Taman Midah, Kuala Lumpur, date unknown 
...I hope that amidst this chaotic life of mine, someone will sing for me a lullaby. Death lullaby.  I want to end this suffering, this impertinence existence of mine. I want to fly away to God and greet Him. Instead of living another pathetic life, I get the chance to experience timelessness and hopefully; Heaven.
But then, is there Heaven for those who are being ungrateful towards the life God has given them? A circular reasoning, a simplistic answer. To die and go straight to Heaven, one must live as lang as he could.

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