Pangkor (Reflection)

It is seldom for me to be able to brought something back from a course. Most of the time, I will be in indifference; unchanged despite the capacity of motivation people apply on me. Not all people, not all courses have what it needs to be a life-changing thing. And our Teachers Characteristics Establishment?: It did.
Thanks to all the lecturers and fellow friends, I've gained many things during the course. I debated, I swam, I kayak-ed and I built tent. And thanks to this friends (you know who) for lending her 600D, the best camera in Europe 2011-2012. It shot things unbelievably well.
I tried to enjoy myself as much as I can though, knowing that it's uncertain if I would ever come again to that sanctuary. There is a tiny voice within that whispers, I won't. Earth's too large to not being discovered. I shall set new destination as a way to cherish my life. My life gauge is emptying, you know.
I'll treasure all the memories I had there; both the bad and the good ones. Because even if we do come back, the feeling won't be the same. I've changed a bit here and there, thanks to Dr Ramlan and my friends. Especially those who were trusting me to sit in front and be your representative for the activities we'd done.
...and I'll always remember Pangkor as an island of change.

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