Life's a ferry voyage. Windy and wonderful, and at times, stormy. We just couldn't expect accurately what future saves for us. And it is because of this fact, we need additional strength to carry on. We can't just cope everything and anything all by ourselves. No man in an island, so we constantly need back up.
When the ferry has departed off its port, the journey begins First, it will be moving slow. And as it manages to learn the way of the wind, it speeds up. The sea will be bumpy, that's for sure. Either we want it or not, we need something, or perhaps someone for us to cling on, so we won't end up falling during the turbulence.
We can't hide our embarrassment all the time. Face it. When we fall, stand up back on your two strong feet, and rush. Find someone you can trust your life on.
Well, I've found mine. I don't know how long has it been, this relationship. I mean, friendship. We're now more like siblings rather than ordinary friends. We discuss love matter altogether, yes we do. To Nad: you're the best motivator. To Dien; you're the best advisor, and to Farah (Gemo. Hahaha): you're simply the best joker, there is. Kidding ^^ 
I hope this bond will stay as long as I'm still breathing. I can't imagine myself, traversing the rough water alone. 4S, I love all of you. I always pray that in this sea of life, all of us will make it to the island of immortal happiness. InshaAllah. 

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