Razvi bin Musily. 
He's a state debater. An excellent speaker who has tonnes of experience and knowledge in everything, especially matters that concern religions. To add to that, he's got the best interpersonal strength which I think can be considered to be the most perfect I have seen. Kudos Razvi. 
 I revere him as both brother and friend, as he taught me many things. His unique way of reciting Qur'an, his dedication to his works and his intellectualism remind me something about Qur'an. He lives and breathes by executing Qur'anic teachings. This is the best part of him. I like to stalk him arguing via Facebook with those who make fool of religion. Yes, I do.
I've debated with him like countless of times. And he indeed dominated all the topics. My dream is to defeat him (altogether with Ardie). Once is enough. Hahaahha. Akhi, don't take this seriously.

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