Pangkor: Random (iii)

1Malaysia... I love this particular picture, as it gives me a feeling of security. It has never crossed my mind that my friends, Malays or non-Malays, will leave me alone once I'm sick and cold. I always believe that they'll always got my back.
I hate these creatures. They stick at almost everything. They have weird and horrifying look. They're probably also a poo-eaters; hey, who knows? But when I came to think of it, the beach will never look as aesthetic as how it is, if these tiny creatures don't exist. they filter water, they turn our garbage into synthetic reefs. We should learn something from that.
Bogak beach is just ten minutes away from the main jetty. You can either use a minibus or lease a bicycle (which will cost around RM5.00 a day) to get here. There's nothing much to say about this beach but wonderful. Garbage are everywhere, it's a bit disappointing. Cleaning them up would take days, and I hope the Urbanization Committee will do something to stop the eyesore.
The waves weren't as big as at Tanjung Aru. They merely reached my ankles and sometimes, knees. I enjoyed the sand flowing in between my toes, carried away by the receding waves. I love to see coral  residuals which were clearly visible danced along with the waves.
A ritual for the dead. Rest in Peace.
Sunset, the moment I had been waiting for two days. I didn't quite get the mode right, so the outcome isn't as preferable as the real scene was.
Friendship will never rust in the strong sea water's salinity. It will never sink into the depth of depression. It will always sail wonderfully, with sails flinging in the air, fluttering against its immense power. Friendship will stay.
An abandoned, wooden chair which was already half-broken. What did we do with it? Hahaha
While we're sitting down, enjoying the scenery in front, sometimes waves come and drift us far from where we belong. Its inevitable, the fate. If the new environment doesn't suit us, crying won't help much. The only thing we can do to change it to a better place to live is to change ourselves. 

Enjoying the sunset.
My typical camera disposition when taking pictures. I love this style, I don't know why. People say that it is cliché, obsolete and so outdated. I care what? As long as I'm enjoying myself, then everything's negligible. 
Man's best friend. I thought the footprints showed a man and his dog, but when you scrutinize it, you'll see that it's not that way. From these, you can see that they were walking in the opposite direction. Anyhow, it cealry shows that we're sharing this planet, not owning it.

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