Pangkor: Random (ii)

A leaf on my lap. I love dry leaves, as they fall like snow. When I was a child, I always prayed to God to send snow to Malaysia. Malaysia's hot and humid, and windy; not interesting. But as I grew older, watching people from around the globe flocking here, I began to see her beauty. Malaysia: the best country in the world.
We were having a forum entitled, 'Educators' Dignity'. Three panels were being picked up randomly and they said things well. About how teachers should enrich their academic status, and about how parents have their own role, not depending upon teachers totally in shaping their children.
A washed ashore jellyfish. By the time we discovered it, it had died, probably due to the sun's cruel temperament. I poked its anatomy, and the stick of which I was using impaled it. I felt sorry for the crime I did.
Arif's at it again. He's our committee for Religious Affair. He can talk unbelievably articulate and clear in terms of messages he wants to convey and those details he wants people to get a grip on. He deserves a recognition, as during on of his slots, he managed to win over my egoism of not hearing him. 
Another victim of torrential waves. It looks cute though, isn't it?

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