We share everything that we own together: this is what friendship is all about. Tears, smiles, laughters... all will have their share once we will ourselves to be someone's friend. Don't say you love your friends when you wouldn't want to share all your joys, and give things you adore to your friends.
Sea of life--you just couldn't wade its vastness just by paddling yourself. The requirement is  at least a friend, as how the Wrights put it: "You can fly without engine, but you couldn't without friends". The sea's too violent for us to jeopardize ourselves, crossing it solitary.
The price we need to sacrifice in order to keep it up with a friend is nothing when we compare it to the outcome we'll get. Yes, you may have dilemmas, conflicts, et cetera. But instead of throwing punches at each other's face, why don't we give our friends a pat on their back and say, "We'll go through this. Believe me."
Indeed, the sea in unpredictable, and even more, uncontrollable. But who says that we can't control our destination? There has always got to be a plan in order to reach the place we're getting at. The thing is, never give up. Work beyond others' expectation, beyond YOUR expectation. You'll be amazed with the things you can do.
At places, we can't just ignore the beauty of the ocean. We shan't, actually. We may enjoy all the good things in life and satiate our natural inclinations. But never forget that everything has its limit. Enjoyment is a dead damn if we were to enjoy it by transgressing the limits. At our golden age we will cry at it, burdened with agonizing bitter memories and disappointment.
Those past memories ... they don't want to be apart from you? Don' panic, because they're not trying to be an annoyance. They do not adhere to your memory campus, to your life because they are parts of you yourself. So wipe off those dust and recover. Stand up tall. Say to the whole world, "I'll change you!". Make the world say, "I'll be missing your absence!"
Sven, overcome it! 

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