Last night, a religious program was held in our campus/college (which one?? I can't differentiate between these two). It was trusted upon me, like in the most simultaneous manner during our first meeting. I never thought that it would get that much attention and would have that many attenders. I just feel grateful for having accomplished the trust. People came to me and congratulated me, and I felt rather tactless.  
"Did I?" I asked myself. By the way, I'm not trying to boast or being hypocritically inferior, but I was flunking some parts of the program. Nevertheless, I am thankful to God as He Eased the whole tentative executions and to my fellow lajnah-mates for their undying commitment for Islam (God's Willing). I didn't do that much, I was plainly doing. At most, I only did 10%; the rest were being done by them.
You can ignore the lengthy caption. 

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