Frankly, I'm not really into photography. I once thought of making it as my sub-profession, I did. But now, I discovered that it requires cost and talent and most importantly LOTSA LOTSA free time. Well, I don't have them. All I have now is Satio, and I think she's good enough. Anyway,  going back to the original point; the only thing that drives me  to keep on taking pictures is my forgetfulness. I mean, in the most extreme way possible. I hate to forget the times I should remember, not being able to tell my tale to my children and grandchildren. This blog is my access to my past life, and I will keep this blog, I think, for a long time. I will shoot as long as I have the energy to do so. This is my legacy. This is where I prove to my descendants that I was once the one who was writing this very caption. 
Feel free to leave the caption unread ^^ 

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