Guidelines (iv)

Talking about religious backgrounds, I don't think one should make compulsion to others so that they will accept his belief system as being truthful. In the light of this, mathematical mannerism  states that religions are spaces for an argumentation of truth. It's like dice; all religions have equal probability of being true. The only two aspects that makes one to believe his faith as being truer are the haphazard of religious background which he obtained from his families and the attainment of his academic sake/endeavour. Else's miscellaneous. 
I couldn't tolerate those people who say that the world will be conquered by them, sooner or later and go out killing people nonchalantly. If they are really committed to their faith, then they should start on reading and studying, developing the ummah and stop their religious rants. Radicalists; I think they should revise what jihad really means. I'm no saint nor a swami, I'm just a normal guy who wants a normal life. I hate bloodshed, let alone when it's not needed.

"Indeed, mediocrity is justice, and We have appointed you (Muslims) as the People of Mediocrity." 
-Prophet Muhammad PBUH, narrated by Tirmidhi, Imam Ahmad

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