I was quite a naughty guy during my secondary years. Truancy was my routine, procrastination was my way of life. And then, on one fine evening, I read Surah Al-Mulk, the sixty-seventh surah in Koran (Qur'an). I was touched, completely bedazzled in its immense meanings. I cried, and than I repented (though some of those naughtiness are yet to be neutralized. 
I love the Qur'an, and I moved from one surah to another, finding myself dancing in their somewhat rhythmic verses and chapters. I had never been so happy and contented then, during the time I finished reading Surah al-Mulk. Try reading it and understanding its majestic meanings. 
You may be surprised with what you end up with. 
I've just bought Satio's battery and she's ready to rock!

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