I don't know what HDR means, terminologically. But talking in the practical sense, this is what HDR's all about.
It is a technique which is often used in architectural photography to capture a more vivid picture of a building, so that its details turn observable.


I used to love architecture. I designed many buildings in my drawing pads, sketched all the unthinkables and dreamt that all of them will be materialized, somehow. And somehow, it didn't turn that way, since I didn't take civil engineering as my course. Anyhow, I kept on dreaming, and now am planning to build something big :)


In life, don't just be the spectator. Invent something, innovate. Try again if you fail, and again, and again. It's not the product you should look upon but the contribution that you can make in the course of finishing your plan. A motivation for me, personally.

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