Holidays... they're so boring without classes, classmates' chit-chats, gossips (well, I abstain gossips. This is merely a descriptive, third-person statement) and all. Most of all, I miss allowance! I can barely smell that newly-printed bills. 


Grammar class; hope you don't mind. 

This statement is wrong:
"She's boring with the singleness of her status LOL."
'Boring' is an adjectival verb, not an passive verb. The correct sentence is:
"She's bored with the singleness of her status LOL."

We use the word 'boring' when we're to explain something that causes boredom, say, tick-tack-toe (sorry tick-tack-toe geeks):
"Tick tack toe is a boring game to play."
"He's a boring guy to talk with."

Hope this'll help :)

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