Mandarin Lime

For my dear foreign readers, 'Gong Xi Fat Choi' is an expression which is used during the Chinese New Year celebration. It literally means 'Wishing you a better fortune'. Some fundamentalist Muslims say that it is forbidden for us to express it. As for a mentally-Sufi  Sunni like me, that expression is no more but a motivational quote. A verbal sentence that urges the one we're greeting to keep on struggling for better life. In addition, it doesn't involve any spiritual summoning. So, I couldn't see any problem with it. 


One way we, Malaysians, celebrate Chinese is to eat lots of Mandarin lime. They're sour and sweet simultaneously and this is what's great about this fruit. Besides, it has a significantly aromatic smell. When it touches your taste buds, you'll be in Heaven for a second. Delicious! But beware: when you peel the skin, keep your eyes far from it. It may spray juice into your eyes, and I'd say: it doesn't feel good. Hahaha.


Anyway, to my Chinese visitors: gong xi fat choi :D

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