I don't know why, but these few days I have been thinking deep about ending my teenage life. You know what I mean: getting married and all.
You may laugh, it's your right. I'm just being damn truthful to myself and to those who appreciate me. 


When I come to think of it, the fact that I'll be someone's father and later on someone's grandpa, I smile. Probably when it does go that way,
I'll whisper to myself, "This cannot be happening,". Then, I'll smile again.

Learning Children's Development and Educational Philosophy here in our college, that sudden and repetitive sentiment happens all the time.
I laugh, I enjoy the class. But deep down, there is something of me, saying, "I'll do that,". Naughty me.

All these pushes, all these constant revelations, have made me a more matured guy, I think. Mother was right;
I should've started thinking about my future (momma always right for me. She can read my eyes. She gives the  best advise,
even though my egocentricity always doubt it. Hahaha. Teenagers). Somehow, I'll be doing this.


My friends were right. I just couldn't runaway from it. 

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